Jennifer Lusk, MS, LPC



It is my belief that we come into this world beautiful, whole and full of wonderful gifts to bring into our lives and with a dance, voice and person-hood inside that is uniquely our own.

Along the way we may become clouded in our way of being with ourselves and our world. We may lose sight of who we are, what we are capable of and how to navigate the waters of our lives. 

My intention is to support you in restoring your inner resources, gaining clarity in your present path and in the strength of who you are in your current life situations.    


It would be a true gift to be able to support you in your

process along this journey.

"All life moves in cycles. What has been must often come apart before what is to be can come  together. Remember to honor your courage in the midst of the coming apart times!" - Robin Posin, Ph.D.